Welcome to NEICO Chess Club!

Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic update:

21 March 2020

Due to restrictions in transport and venue closure, we have decided to move our activity to the Internet.

We have created our club hubs on both lichess.org and chess.com (click below to go to the club page):

NEICO Chess Club on Lichess.org

NEICO Chess Club on Chess.com

Although initially our club was created and active in Byker area only, we now believe there is no reason to restrict membership requirement that much, in fact we believe the more members we have from the whole North East England, the better!

At the moment we will focus on keeping in touch (remotely) and playing online games and tournaments, but we hope we will be able to create some interesting OTB events for our online members in future (most likely in Newcastle), when life gets back to normal.

After all, we are NEICO 🙂 and therefore the only requirement to join our online club is to be the North East England resident.

[updated 21/03/20] All OTB games and meetings are currently suspended, due to coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic outbreak. Please check this page and/or our Facebook page for further updates.

We meet every Tuesday 6-8 pm at the Byker Community Centre (Headlam Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 2DX) for friendly, casual chess.

All levels welcome! (Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult)

There are no special prerequisites, just turn up on Tuesday evening (you may be wise to check our Facebook page first, though 😉 ).


If you would like to join or contact us, visit our Facebook page.